Space Module v0.1.5

Space Module v0.1.5

Here's a update!

There's another module added to the game. It's not exciting, but can help when searching for the warp gate.

  • Visually, the star field has been given a bit more life, and the nebula has become a bit more fluid, allowing for some neat color changes in the future. The basic art has received a temporary update.
  • Updated sound effects, including menu sounds and ship sounds. 
  • Enemy/Asteroid/Crate drops are more consistent.
  • Crates are more fun
  • Asteroids do damage at certain speeds


Space Module (Windows) 35 MB
Version 9 Aug 20, 2019
Space Module (Mac OSX) 38 MB
Version 7 Aug 20, 2019
Space Module (Linux) 41 MB
Version 6 Aug 20, 2019

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