Build v0.1.6

It's been a bit! Here's version What's in this build?

The most noticeable change is the game's art style for the player, enemies, and space objects. The UI has also been significantly changed!

Old UI on the left, new on the right

Behind the scenes, there's been a few changes that should make balancing and building levels easier. There's also a lot of modules that are still in development that I'm looking forward to actually finishing. Mostly because I'm just adding anything that's that pops into my head while designing different ship attachments.

Finally, there's a Discord for the game. Why? Because that's what I'm supposed to do, right? Anyway, check it out if you want.


Space Module (Windows) 35 MB
Version 15 Jan 22, 2020
Space Module (Mac OSX) 38 MB
Version 13 Jan 22, 2020
Space Module (Linux) 41 MB
Version 12 Jan 22, 2020

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